Social and Environmental Impact Study Supports Eco Certification to Shrimp Pond in Tulungagung

Supporting responsible and sustainable fisheries, Blue Seed Indonesia Foundation or YBSI is appointed to conduct an impact study to assess the existence and operation of a shrimp pond against biodiversity, environment, and socio-culture of surrounding circumstances. The pond located in Besuki village, Tulungagung, East Java.

The study was initially started with a focus group discussion (FGD) session on February 16, 2023, in the shrimp pond site. The meeting invited stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds who reside or have a work close to the pond. Participants in the FGD included: representatives of environmental office, village government, fisheries extension officers, local fishers, local tourism entrepreneurs, and representatives of local social and educational foundations. Starting the session, shrimp pond owner delivered an opening speech, sharing about the history of pond, activities in pond, and pond facilities and infrastructure.

In turn, the FGD participants were given the opportunity to convey their backgrounds and perspectives. The discussion participants showed their enthusiastic in sharing information and testimonies regarding impact of the pond to their environment and economy. During the course of the discussion, it was revealed that the pond has started operating since 2001, which then underwent developments by adding more units of pond over time up to what it looks like today. In addition, it was revealed that the pond had built an initiative in the form of CSR which was allocated specifically for social activities to support the community around the pond.

Apart from the FGD, YBSI team collected data on several necessary indicators. The team divided into groups, respectively worked on data collection of the biodiversity of flora and fauna, pond technical and operational, water and soil quality (temperature, conductivity), and socio-economic of nearby community. These data were obtained by observation, interview to representatives of pond worker, direct data collection (sampling) to several spots of the river, water canal, paddy fields, and pumped- well.

The YBSI team discovered interesting data and information related to the pond in Besuki village and its surroundings. The data is followed up for analysis, then further processed for verification to stakeholders around the ponds in the second FGD which held at the end of March.

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