It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.


Indonesia holds a wealth of abundant natural and biological resources, stretching from the range of mountains to expanses of the blue ocean intertwined in one “Blue Continent”. All the pleasures we feel here, fresh water to drink; fresh air to breathe; fresh food to consume, is exclusively provided by nature.  Unfortunately, climate change occurs as the rising temperatures of the earth’s surface and free-carbon release to the atmosphere, affecting global changes in nature and human life in a wide spectrum, water scarcity; marine and terrestrial habitat threats; health issues; and food insecurity.

Our Vision

We want to live in harmony with nature and develop sustainably

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a balanced and sustainable ecosystem. We divide it into five main actions: Biodiversity conservation, Balanced and sustainable utilization of natural resources, Maintaining environmental health and anticipating the impacts of climate change, Strengthening capacity and empowerment of communities inclusively and equitably, and Building and strengthening fair and transparent partnerships.

What We Do

We call on young Indonesians to play an active role in protecting the environment and creating a balanced and sustainable ecosystem.

We invite the young generation
of Indonesia to play an
active role in protecting the earth.

We work together, share knowledge and stories, generate innovation and action, develop sustainably, and form strong chains to create a healthy future in harmony with nature

Our Values


Professionalism is built on our positive values which are shown by 3 main things, namely Skill, Knowledge and Attitude. Skill is expertise by the field that we control. Knowledge is the breadth and depth of knowledge. And attitude which means not only smart but also has ethics that must be applied


Harmony is an ideal balance where each of us can embrace each other so that there is harmony to achieve a common goal.

Develop together

Growing Together is in our mutual interest in exploring the path to the future, as we strive to add value every step of the way. We build partnerships based on the principle of growing together, which becomes stronger over time through collaboration.


Sustainability is creating a chain of interrelated activities to produce broader outcomes, develop, and inspire future action.

Meet the Board

Our organization gladly have

Meet the Team

Agus Jaenudin

Marine Fisheries Specialist

Atrasina Adlina

Marine Conservation Specialist

Achmad Fuad Fathurrahman

Marine and Fisheries Capacity Building Specialist

Muh Azril, S.S.T.Pi., M.Sc.

Sustainable Aquaculture Specialist

Adrian Damora, S.Pi, M.Si

Fisheries Management Expert

Yuni Setyaningsih, S.K.Pm., M.Sc.

International Development Expert

Randi A. Wardana

Disaster Management

Rianti Novtasari, S.Pd. M.Pd,

Special Education Expert

Nur Azizah Husna

Graphic Designer

Dinda Ratnasari

Social Economic Expert