About Us

About Blue SEED

Blue SEED Indonesia emerged from a collaborative initiative involving academics, practitioners, and activists, all united by a steadfast commitment to preserving the delicate equilibrium between human welfare and the environment. The designation ‘Blue’ inspired by the boundless oceans that connect nations and cradle our planet, embodies a commitment that goes beyond mere professionalism – it symbolizes a deep-seated dedication to reliability and the vast potential for positive change.

The essence of ‘Blue’ not only mirrors the majestic expanses of the sea but also draws inspiration from the limitless sky, representing lofty and far-reaching aspirations. The acronym ‘SEED,’ standing for “Sustainable & Equilibrious Ecosystem Development,” encapsulates a resolute devotion to the construction of enduring and harmonious ecosystems. Within this framework, ‘SEED’ metaphorically embodies the perpetual growth and ecological engagement undertaken by Blue Seed Indonesia within the sphere of nature and environmental stewardship.

Blue SEED Indonesia aspires to lay a robust foundation, cultivating community integration from its very roots. Its trajectory reaches skyward, aspiring to influence governmental advocacy, akin to the ascending growth of a resilient tree. Like a flourishing tree, it aims to branch out its knowledge and network to effectively address the interconnected challenges that shape our shared environmental future. This visionary pursuit aims to be a catalyst for positive change and sustainable development, contributing to the broader discourse on global environmental stewardship.

Our Vision

We want to live in harmony with nature and develop sustainably

Our Mission

Our objective is to build a sustainable and harmonious ecosystem through five primary actions:

  1. Preserving biodiversity;
  2. Utilizing natural resources in a sustainable and balanced manner;
  3. Adapting to the impacts of climate change and maintaining environmental health;
  4. Empowering communities inclusively and equitably, enhancing their capacity; and
  5. Establishing and strengthening transparent and fair partnerships.

What We Do

We encourage collaboration to pursue our goals through various activities, such as:

1. Biodiversity and Social assessment

2. Research and scientific studies

3. Community assistance

4. Sustainable business consultation

5. Policy advocacy

6. Conservation implementation

7. Sustainable resource management initiatives

8. Critical habitat rehabilitation

9. Environmental education and outreach programs

10. Campaigns and publications

Our Values


The foundation of professionalism lies in the demonstration of positive values through three primary components: skill, knowledge, and attitude. Skill is mastery in the domain over which we have authority. Knowledge is the scope and depth of understanding. And attitude, which signifies not only intelligence but also the application of ethical principles.


Harmony in environmental efforts entails achieving mutual support and cooperation among diverse stakeholders to pursue sustainable ecosystem development, fostering collaboration, respect, and understanding for collective goals.

Develop together

It is in our shared interest to explore the path to the future while growing together, as we endeavor to add value at each turn. Our approach to establishing partnerships is founded upon the tenet of mutual growth, which is reinforced through sustained collaboration.


Our commitment to sustainability involves fostering interconnected efforts that yield extensive results, driving ongoing progress and inspiring further actions towards the realization of our vision.

Meet the Board

Our organization gladly have

Meet the Team

Environment and Biodiversity

Agus Jaenudin

Marine Fisheries Specialist

Muhammad Alriefqi Palgunadi, S.Hut.,M.Sc.

Terrestrial Biodiversity Specialist

Achmad Fuad Fathurrahman

Coastal Ecology Specialist

Muh Azril, S.S.T.Pi., M.Sc.

Aquaculture Specialist

Nur Faiizah

Analytical Chemist

Randi A. Wardana

Disaster and Geodesy Specialist

Atrasina Adlina

Marine Conservation Specialist

Community Development

Yuni Setyaningsih, S.K.Pm., M.Sc.

International Development Specialist

Rianti Novtasari, S.Pd. M.Pd,

Special Education Specialist